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Peer Support for Work

Peer Support is an effective method for helping people facing barriers to realise their potential.

Peer Support for Work

Peer Support for Work Network

PSfW Logo"A peer support network for those with a disability seeking work would be a welcome addition to the current supports available.  By being able to access this online as well as face to face will enable those with a range of needs to benefit in a way that most suits them.  Being able to share concerns and positive experiences about their journey into employment could prove invaluable" - Tommy Sheppard MP

Why Peer Support for Work? 

Back in 2013 SUSE spoke to disabled people and supported employment clients who told us that they thought peer support was a really important way to improve their confidence relating to work.   Through the More than the Sum of the Parts Big Lottery Project we have set up a Peer Support for Work Network.

What is Peer Support for Work?

  • It is an opportunity to meet other disabled people or people with a long-term health condition and talk about work
  • It's positive
  • It's friendly, open and supportive
  • It's accessible for your needs
  • It's a safe space to talk and share experiences
  • You can find out about practical information and resources
  • You can explore your ideas and new opportunities
  • You can develop your skills and build your confidence
  • People don't always need to help us as we can help ourselves and each other
  • You can learn new things and know your rights, and it's free!
What is the Peer Support for Work Network?
  • A
  • We are currently developing hubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  If, as a member organisation, you are interested i hosting a hub then please contact us.
  • A directory of Peer Support for Work Hubs around Scotland so you can find your nearest one.

For more information on the Peer Support for Work Network contact Elspeth Ferguson, Peer Support for Work Coordinator on or Dawn Edmiston, Networks Development Officer on 07590 844528.

For more visual information please check out our links undernoted:-

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