National Occupational Standards

BASE has been contracted to review and update National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Supported Employment Practitioners.  We need your help to ensure that the revised standards are suitable for the sector.

The original NOS were written in 2012 and agreed by the 4 home nations.   You can view them here.

The revised draft standards are below.  The new standards will continue to cover all 4 national of the UK.

Please take the time to view the new standards as they will directly influence the content of future training.  We need to know whether you think the new standards are appropriate for the sector of whether you think further changes should be made. 

Please send your written responses to these revised draft standards to by 19th May 2017.

Functional Analysis

SKA SE01 - Apply values and ethical practice within supported employment and develop a practitioner

SKA SE02 - Assist prospective job seekers to aspire to paid employment

SKA SE03 - Identify the needs of the job seekers to enable a good job match

SKA SE04 - Create and agree development plans for job seekers to gain and maintain employment

SKA SE05 - Advise employers about the benefits, processes and practices to recruit and retain a diverse workforce

SKA SE06 - Work with job seekers and employers to match individuals to jobs

SKA SE07 - Enable individuals in supported employment to be productive and integrated in their workplace

SKA SE08 - Develop yourself as a reflective supported employment practitioner